Your favorite bar in Sölden. THE LIVING ROOM in Ötztal.

THE LIVING ROOM. Your home away from home.

Enjoy. Relax. Meet like-minded people.

You don't have to go far to get to your favorite bar in Sölden: It's in the same building as your room or apartment in Ötztal. The lovely SONNALP in-house bar is your Alpine living room amidst the valley's three thousand meter high peaks. Here we serve fine wines, delightful beer specialties and high-quality spirits from around the globe, filling your tumbler with exquisite single malt whiskeys from our signature collection. You enjoy the evening in an atmosphere that couldn't be cozier: stylishly furnished with lovely details and only one elevator ride away from your holiday accommodation in Ötztal. Here you will not only meet guests of the SONNALP Residences - "THE LIVING ROOM" is also open to all other guests.



get ready for

mountain adventures

It is not uncommon that the first steps take place here in "THE LIVING ROOM" – DAS WOHNZIMMER, which lead to rope teams, friendships and expedition groups. Like-minded people meet here in an informal atmosphere. Ski tours, Alpine crossings and mountain bike excursions are planned here. Experience the most exciting live events from the world of sports broadcasts. Always accompanied by a refreshing drink, freshly prepared for you by our expert bar team in Sölden.

entertainment &


In addition to a dice board, other fun-packed games promise social entertainment. You will also find a large selection of magazines, newspapers and other reading material to pass the time in one of Ötztal's coziest spots. Speaking of time: here in "THE LIVING ROOM" you can even stay longer. And when the bar staff sounds the bell for the last order, you're not far home.

your home away from home

One thing was clear right from start: “THE LIVING ROOM" - DAS WOHNZIMMER should be a place where you can feel at home and even better. Unlike at home, in "THE LIVING ROOM" we make sure that everything stays tidy, that the glasses are filled and that there is always a good selection of beer in the fridge for you. Perhaps you rarely meet so many guests from all over the world at home, who all share the same passion with you: love for the Tirolean mountains.

the terrace: the best setting for memorable evenings

Our selection of fine wines and varied types of beer taste pretty good in "THE LIVING ROOM" - DAS WOHNZIMMER. It tastes even better on the terrace, surrounded by majestic mountain tops against the background of Ötztal's deep blue sky - or under a tent made of stars, accompanied by the chirping of crickets. However, our terrace is the outdoor area of your living room. A perfect place for sunbathing, philosophizing, planning mountain tours as well as making new friends and tasting wines, beers and whiskeys

the coziest living room

in all of sölden

... is also open to all other Sölden guests. Here it is all about enjoying and meeting like-minded people. We also serve fine wines, beer specialties, high-quality spirits from around the globe and exquisite single malt whiskeys from our signature collection.