Your wellness area with sauna in Sölden - Ötztal

Sauna enjoyment at the SONNALP RELAX AREA.

Just an elevator ride away.

Beyond the three thousand meter mark, it can get really cold - not just in winter. A cup of tea and an extensive sauna session can help. In our SONNALP RELAX AREA you have two saunas at your disposal: one with a standard temperature of 90° C, loosens even the tensest muscles. In the herbal sauna you can really take a deep breath with wonderful herbal aromas. Followed by a soothing time in the relaxation area or on the wellness & outdoor terrace, from where you enjoy picture-book mountain views. The summits are shining in the red light of the setting sun. The SONNALP RELAX AREA is your wellness parlor including sauna in Sölden, and it is freely available to guest staying in our rooms and our apartments in Ötztal.

your sauna

in sölden

A sauna session is not only good for you, it is also incredibly healthy: all organ systems are perfectly stimulated, your metabolism is enhanced and your immune system is strengthened for ice-cold winter expeditions in the high Alpine mountain world of Ötztal. In our SONNALP RELAX AREA you have the choice between two "difficulty levels": the Finnish sauna at 90° C makes you sweat properly, while the 50° C warm herbal sauna is a treat for all senses.


for pros

Our in-house relaxation room with tea bar is your recreational oasis. Your place to put up your feet by every trick in the book (doing nothing is so relaxing) and to forget that there is a world out there where time never stands still for a while. If you prefer to relax and wind down in a unique way, our outdoor wellness terrace is just right for you. Soaking up the warming sun, sipping healthy tea or refreshing Ötztal spring water and enjoying the peace and calm of the mountains.

our feel-at-ease tip: evelyn's beauty spa

Indulge into a world of wellbeing and let yourself and your body be pampered. At Evelyn’s Beauty Spa, just one walking minute away from SONNALP Residences, body and mind are cared for with harmony and relaxation while all your senses are awakened. Here you not only enjoy individually tailored cosmetic treatments, soothing massages and holistic pampering programs - here you can leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and experience a combination of ultimate beauty and well-being. By the way, Evelyn's Beauty Spa is just around the corner!